waiting for tests

Let me start with some great news, Sutton’s incision looks fantastic, the Otolaryngology team is happy with her progress! Her vitals are right where they want them to be.

Next steps, tomorrow (Tues) she has a swallow study test to see if she is still aspirating, Thurs she heads to OR to check on her LTR and if all is right we may be headed home Thurs or Fri.

What happened along the way? On Friday night Sutton started getting splotchy or a slight rash after getting her antibiotic. We watched and it happened the next time too. The Drs were notified and they decided to switch her to a different  antibiotic on Saturday night and unfortunately she also got a rash. The Drs were a bit surprised… so we have to follow-up with an allergist to see if she has a Penicillin allergy. On Sunday her O2 level was fantastic so she got to lose the cannula :). They also wanted to put the feeding tube (NG) back in so they could resume feedings, she had thrown up the last one which is apparently difficult to do. They put it in, which if you’ve never seen is dramatic, and she was gagging and choking but the nurse and I decided to give it a college try. Over time she stopped and about an hour after she put it in they began feeding her again. On Monday she got to lose her central line.  She is definitely coming around, we saw actual smiles today and even some giggles.

As she goes to bed tonight she only has her NG tube, leads for her vitals and a pulse ox monitor. She’s also fired up and bouncing around her bed.


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