Transformation Tuesday | Part Deux | Hockey

Throughout my career, I’ve heard and reiterated the saying that “the only constant is change” and I believe the same can be said for life.

Growing up, I was blessed to have the benefits of being an only child and the perks of an extended family, with my dad’s seven brothers and sisters and all of my cousins. There were four cousins in particular that we generally spent more time with. These boys I pretty much idolized and they all played hockey. So, I, of course, wanted to play hockey.

Said Boys Playing Hockey

But at that time hockey wasn’t really a girl’s sport, and after playing soccer and being the only girl, I just accepted that was the way it was. But more importantly, my dad made false teeth and I didn’t really want to own a pair, so I just let it go and moved on with other sports – lots of sports.

But times have changed and this year, my twins (the Ducklings) decided to give hockey a try. Now, I might be more excited about this development than they are, and in my excitement, I connected with someone who helped me rekindle a “want.” She mentioned an adult “breakfast club” to learn how to play hockey and immediately sent me a link. When I signed up the Ducklings for spring hockey, I also signed myself up.

The journey included getting my equipment, some used and some new, and much to my excitement, I wear junior skates, so I was able to buy new ones that were relatively affordable and have an awesome reputation. Check out my #TACKS:


The status quo is easy… change is hard. It makes you think, makes you uncomfortable and checks your confidence (pun intended, lol). If you ask the people around me, I’m pretty confident, but with a sport I’ve respected my whole life I kept thinking, what if I suck? What if I fall literally on my face, that’s gonna hurt.

I’m happy to report while I did go into the boards and fall, I didn’t suck and I really loved it. Here are my top five observations after three weeks on the ice:

  1. Try to figure out if you’re a righty or a lefty before you get on the ice. (Crisis averted, I’ve committed to being a righty)
  2. I used to think it was odd to be hot in the water during swim practice, now I’m dripping with sweat while buzzing around a frozen rink
  3. There’s nothing like the smell of a rink, except for the horrible smell of hockey equipment
  4. Eventually you must stop staring at the puck
  5. I had no idea I had muscles there, and they hurt

What have you tried that transformed you and challenged the status quo? What do you want to try?

Stay tuned for more hockey adventures and more transformation affirmations.

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