These are just a few of my favornet things

One of my favorite things is finding new content like amazingly wonderful talent, creative ideas and stuff that previous to emerging and new media would have taken years to discover. The other part that gets me excited as a marketer is how the relationship between fans and customers and stars and companies has changed.


If you haven’t seen this collaboration between British teenager @TomBleasby and @JessieJ, you’re missing out. It’s already racked up over 7 million views. Take a minute and see what you think:


Taking the net by storm

This week, we also saw Charlie Charlie (Charly Charly) take the internet by storm. Did you ever own or use an Ouija board? Similar but a lot cheaper. Essentially you draw two lines and label the four quadrants like this:


charlie charlie

Then you lay two pencils over each axis. Turn on Vine and ask “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?”  and ask your question, e.g. “will I get a raise”?

While the internet may think this is a new concept, the Washington Post reports it has a long history in the Spanish-speaking world.

Have you taken the #charliecharliechallenge?


Remake of a famous Whitney

A few months ago, Sam Smith came through my news feed and he had done a remake of “How Will I know” by Whitney Houston. I was a bit skeptical to say the least, but he hits a serious grand slam. If you haven’t seen it, take the 3:47 seconds, right now.


What are your favornet things of the week?

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