Rounding second, trying to steal third

Tuesday night she proved us all wrong. Her temperature leveled off, her BP looked good. Wednesday morning her x-ray was improved and all of the Drs agreed that if she could maintain this she would return to OR for a scope and removal of her intubation tube Friday morning.

She fought the sedation meds all day and last night and had about 4 of us holding her down at one point but she kept her vitals in line and this morning’s x-ray looked even better. There was a little discussion around her respiratory rate but they decided it could be the sedation, or mucus and they were still going to move forward. So around 8 am she headed down to OR; ~30 minutes later we got word that all was ‘well’ and they removed the breathing tube. She returned to the room and started to wake up within the hour. She was a little riled up but slept in our laps for most of the day.

Just as I thought we were going to steal third, she started having withdrawals from the meds and we got sent back to second. A friend had warned me, but I wasn’t prepared; she was vomiting (including her NG tube), she had/has the shakes, twitching and withdrawn eyes. But she is maintaing good O2 levels and the Drs. are happy with her incision.

Hearing mama today helping me see home plate, and while we still have a long way to go I’m ready for the fly ball, the grounder and the pop-up.


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