I’m happy to report the “Button” is home!  Monday’s scope went awesome, the Dr. was very happy with the LTR. The swelling was down considerably the treatment of the cysts (nodes) was successful and her vocal chords were in good shape.

What’s next? Dr. Brown wants to see her in clinic in two wks and wants to do another scope on Oct 3. We are hoping following that scope there will be a longer, like a year, break between the next one. Fingers crossed. We are also following-up with the speech pathologist. While both ducklings were getting speech through the county we all (Dr. included) felt she would need more help following this surgery. We have a lot of scope pictures that I’d like to share, I’ll warn everyone in case that isn’t something you want to see ;).

Reentry into the house was a little rough, but after two weeks of chaos and having mom or dad sleeping in your room it’s not surprising. It started around bedtime with crying and ended up with two girls in pack n plays in mom and dads room. Night two proved better they went down without issue and slept until 7:15 here’s to hoping…

Thank you for all of the support!

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