Private Eyes: They’re Watching You

private eyes

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Digital and privacy are words that seem to go hand in hand these days. I believe your level of comfort is directly related to the level of convenience you find with what you are seeing in the digital and social space. For example when you’re on Amazon and it suggests things you may want to buy or need more of, this is seen as convenient. When you’re reading an article on The New York Times  and see an ad for shoes you were looking at on Nordstrom some consumers find that creepy or an invasion of privacy.

As companies find new ways to offer customer convenience through tracking and location based where and how will they draw the line?

This week I read about iBeacons, a tool that uses blue tooth to create a short range interaction between consumers and companies, no internet required. While doing research I came upon this article 15 companies from airports to retail already using beacon technology. As a business traveler I’m in love with the Starwood Hotels & Resorts  example, check out the video here:


So imagine you are in New York City for an event, and really like the hotel it is being hosted in. you search for the hotel and see some of your friend’s and other’s social comments about the hotel and area, all very positive. An iBeacon picks up your location and offeres you a free cocktail, or a discounted rate on a future stay. You know you’ll be back in August and book via mobile. Your confirmation is sent to you as well as directions for your virtual check-in. Creepy or Amazing?



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