“It’s double the giggles and double the grins,
and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.”

—Author Unknown

Thanks for stopping by. We’re just your typical American family sharing some of our favorite things online. You may find pictures of shoes we love or how-to instructions for putting in a roll cage. You may learn the challenges we find and love (or not) about raising twins. One day, we might be down south and another day we might be traveling abroad. Whatever we have in store, we hope you enjoy sharing it with us.

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This Weeks Favornet Things

If you’re a lover of words, Scrabble, Anagrams or a bit of a romantic you must check out this amazing work by Lola Madrid. The creative reminds me of the TV show Pushing Daisies , which I loved. Will the video move people to run out and buy Scrabble? In my case it makes me want to play!   Chevrolet issued an entire press release in Emoji’s. Did you crack the code?   Any Britney Spears fans out there? Check out this pregnancy spoof by Jerrad and Machal Green:... read more

Private Eyes: They’re Watching You

Image courtesy of creative commons Digital and privacy are words that seem to go hand in hand these days. I believe your level of comfort is directly related to the level of convenience you find with what you are seeing in the digital and social space. For example when you’re on Amazon and it suggests things you may want to buy or need more of, this is seen as convenient. When you’re reading an article on The New York Times  and see an ad for shoes you were looking at on Nordstrom some consumers find that creepy or an invasion of privacy. As companies find new ways to offer customer convenience through tracking and location based where and how will they draw the line? This week I read about iBeacons, a tool that uses blue tooth to create a short range interaction between consumers and companies, no internet required. While doing research I came upon this article 15 companies from airports to retail already using beacon technology. As a business traveler I’m in love with the Starwood Hotels & Resorts  example, check out the video here:   So imagine you are in New York City for an event, and really like the hotel it is being hosted in. you search for the hotel and see some of your friend’s and other’s social comments about the hotel and area, all very positive. An iBeacon picks up your location and offeres you a free cocktail, or a discounted rate on a future stay. You know you’ll be back in August and book via mobile. Your confirmation is sent to you as well... read more

Seeing The Tide Of Change Around Social Shopping

If you’re anything like me, you’re a multitasking wizard at work and at home. When it comes to making sure your family eats and has shoes on their feet, you’ve got to be efficient, smart and frugal. Whether you’re looking at recipes, finding the best price on shoes, ordering clothes, scheduling a trip or just checking for deals there isn’t anything that isn’t one click away. As a result, I spend quite a bit of time and money on @Zulily; call it retail therapy or planning ahead, I’ve got Zulily Unlimited (free shipping) and I use it… frequently. Imagine my surprise when I received my first Facebook (FB) message from a Company regarding an order. It was Zulily and they sent me a FB message alerting me that my item had shipped, noting the day, time and items included. While some consumers might find this creepy or worry about their privacy, I thought wow, that’s fantastic for a number of reasons. First, that is one less email I have to check, it came to me where I am most of the time. Second, if they’ve found me on FB, that might mean the ads they present will be better targeted based on my purchase history. Finally, as an IMC student, any time a company tries something new, I want to give them a big old pat on the back. After all, change is hard. So last week I was exercising my plastic and got another notification, this time confirming my order: I love that it starts with thank you and keeps a casual tone and the fact that I... read more

These are just a few of my favornet things

One of my favorite things is finding new content like amazingly wonderful talent, creative ideas and stuff that previous to emerging and new media would have taken years to discover. The other part that gets me excited as a marketer is how the relationship between fans and customers and stars and companies has changed. Collaboration If you haven’t seen this collaboration between British teenager @TomBleasby and @JessieJ, you’re missing out. It’s already racked up over 7 million views. Take a minute and see what you think:   Taking the net by storm This week, we also saw Charlie Charlie (Charly Charly) take the internet by storm. Did you ever own or use an Ouija board? Similar but a lot cheaper. Essentially you draw two lines and label the four quadrants like this:   Then you lay two pencils over each axis. Turn on Vine and ask “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?”  and ask your question, e.g. “will I get a raise”? While the internet may think this is a new concept, the Washington Post reports it has a long history in the Spanish-speaking world. Have you taken the #charliecharliechallenge?   Remake of a famous Whitney A few months ago, Sam Smith came through my news feed and he had done a remake of “How Will I know” by Whitney Houston. I was a bit skeptical to say the least, but he hits a serious grand slam. If you haven’t seen it, take the 3:47 seconds, right now.   What are your favornet things of the... read more

Emerging Media: Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Having spent the last 12 years of my career more focused on the digital and social side of marketing, emerging media is something that is talked about frequently. But how far does emerging media go, for example does it include wearable technology? After all, your exercise device isn’t selling you athletic clothes or shoes. But the whole idea is that these tools will enable future marketing opportunities, right? For example, Disney Magic Bands just announced a $1 billion expansion of MyMagic+ including how they can leverage other wearable technology. Currently “36% of U.S. organizations interact with customers and prospects in five or more channels”. You can read more about the future of digital marketing here. We should expect that to grow exponentially. Another example might be a smart washer and dryer that you can control via your phone. I don’t expect it to market to me in the future by running ads on my machines in the laundry room. But what if there was collaboration between the machine companies and the consumer goods companies who make laundry detergent? One of the things I’m particularly interested in is when do we stop classifying digital media as its own category and just talk about it within our overall media mix. For example, at some point radio, TV and even the worldwide web were new, but now they are just levers we pull in an integrated marketing plan. Do you think eventually it will all just be media or marketing? I’m looking forward to WVU IMC 619 “Emerging Media & The Market” as we discuss what is and isn’t emerging media and... read more

Technology that makes a point

What is your favorite non-traditional interactive media example? One of mine is the bruised woman billboard that healed as people looked and paid attention. Retrieved from http://mashable.com/2015/03/06/london-billboard-facial-recognition-domestic-violence/. Set-up ahead of International Women’s Day it was a collaboration between photographer Rankin, WCRS and the charity women’s aid. Not only do I think the concept is thought provoking and different, but I love the technology, which uses facial recognition to time how long people pay attention and displaying it at the bottom of the screen. The only thing I may have added was a prompt, via a location based mobile push to donate to Women’s Aid throughout the experience. What else would you have... read more