Just the mud!

You know when you get an idea in your head and you can’t get it out? That is how I’ve been about the mud room in our new house. New is underlined because it isn’t so new, making the mud room a reality almost took three years.

It all started when I opted to delete a linen closet. It was small, awkward and in my opinion not a good use of space. You can see it below:

mudroom V2

What was left was an amazing wide open space [cue Dixie Chicks lyrics here] but one that quickly turned into a dumping ground of stuff. At any given time there were three different sets of towered organizers, dog bowls, dog food, plastic crates and a whole lot of paper.

Being the diligent pinner that I am I started looking at ideas, you can check out my pins or here is one that I really liked:

And here is my drawing…

Drawing part II

I wanted to incorporate a few unique elements into our mudroom. Number one we have a medium sized dog with a lot of dog food so I needed one space to accommodate his dog food container, indicated by the 12”. In our old house we had a trash compactor that we desperately miss. So we wanted a space for that. I also loved the pictures in one of my images, you will note those are the squares….  and I had already found the perfect hooks from World Market.

So design and pictures in hand we got a quote, whoa stop the bus it is going to cost how much!??!?! While I very much wanted the mud room I also want our girls to go to college, so I decided that wasn’t happening. But then I had an idea. Ring, ring, ring…. Dad do you think you could build us a mudroom? Once we got past what was a mudroom, he dove right in. He built it in several pieces in order to transport it from his house to ours.

mud room prepA few weeks ago he put it up and over the Holiday break I was tackling baskets… while I would like them to be a bit darker I couldn’t make my frugal person spend $70 per basket, so we got these on sale with a bit extra off from cartwheel at Target for $16 per basket.




The trash compactor and electrical isn’t in the budget yet but our lovely black trash can fits nicely where it will live one day. I would also like to put a vase or something else artsy on the second rise but alas, with two four-year olds that is a bit unrealistic as well.

I personally love how it turned out and can’t thank my dad enough for his hard work! What do you think, does he have a second career in mudrooms?


  1. Your dad, my brother, has an awesome talent for taking ideas and making them a reality!

  2. Looks awesome! Love your added touches with the baskets etc.

  3. This is awesome!!! I think I need to come visit because we’ve been thinking of doing the same!!

  4. Such a great use of space! And I’m amazed you created that on your own. I’d be too scared to DIY anything, I can barely drill a curtain rod properly haha.

  5. Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Thanks Again. Awesome.


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