About Us

Thank you for visiting draketake.com. You’ll find musings from Chuck and Whitney as well as our friends, family and colleagues. We’re just two people on the road of life, acting like adults (USUALLY), making new parenting decisions, giving back to the community and trying to leave this world a better place than we found it.
Chuck Drake is an automotive engineer with a passion for all-things Mustang and road racing. He spent his youth in Arizona and Tennessee and whenever he can find a way to head south to warmer climates, you’ll find him behind the wheel. A science fiction reader and fan of The Walking Dead, you’ll find a variety of musings from Chuck on draketake.com.
Whitney Drake is an integrated marketer with a passion for shoes, cars and travel. A native Michigander who is on a quest to visit all 50 states, she’s also called Kentucky and New Jersey home. When she isn’t parenting, working or finding the perfect prom dress for girls in need, she’s studying for her MS from WVU. A romcom reader and fan of Bones, Castle and Risolli and Isles, you’ll find thoughtful and humorous commentary from Mrs. Drake on draketake.com