“It’s double the giggles and double the grins,
and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.”

—Author Unknown

Thanks for stopping by. We’re just your typical American family sharing some of our favorite things online. You may find pictures of shoes we love or how-to instructions for putting in a roll cage. You may learn the challenges we find and love (or not) about raising twins. One day, we might be down south and another day we might be traveling abroad. Whatever we have in store, we hope you enjoy sharing it with us.

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Transformation Tuesday | Part Deux | Hockey

The status quo is easy… change is hard. It makes you think, makes you uncomfortable and checks your confidence (pun intended, lol). If you ask the people around me, I’m pretty confident, but with a sport I’ve respected my whole life I kept thinking, what if I suck? What if I fall literally on my face, that’s gonna hurt.

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Just the mud!

You know when you get an idea in your head and you can’t get it out? That is how I’ve been about the mud room in our new house. New is underlined because it isn’t so new, making the mud room a reality almost took three years. It all started when I opted to delete a linen closet. It was small, awkward and in my opinion not a good use of space. You can see it below: What was left was an amazing wide open space [cue Dixie Chicks lyrics here] but one that quickly turned into a dumping ground of stuff. At any given time there were three different sets of towered organizers, dog bowls, dog food, plastic crates and a whole lot of paper. Being the diligent pinner that I am I started looking at ideas, you can check out my pins or here is one that I really liked: And here is my drawing… I wanted to incorporate a few unique elements into our mudroom. Number one we have a medium sized dog with a lot of dog food so I needed one space to accommodate his dog food container, indicated by the 12”. In our old house we had a trash compactor that we desperately miss. So we wanted a space for that. I also loved the pictures in one of my images, you will note those are the squares….  and I had already found the perfect hooks from World Market. So design and pictures in hand we got a quote, whoa stop the bus it is going to cost how much!??!?! While I very much wanted... read more

Disrupting Phlebotomy

For my disruptive technology, I picked the changing field of Phlebotomy. Also more commonly known as drawing blood. At the age of 19, Elizabeth Holmes left Stanford University and started Theranos. “Her idea: No more vials. No more tourniquets. Just a pinprick of blood gathered in a container smaller than a dime. And up to 70 lab tests can be run on one drop of blood in less time than traditional tests” (Crane, 2014). Retrieved from https://www.theranos.com/ So does it fit the bill of a disruptive technology? “The technology is rapidly advancing or experiencing breakthroughs. Disruptive technologies typically demonstrate a rapid rate of change in capabilities in terms of price/performance relative to substitutes and alternative approaches, or they experience breakthroughs that drive accelerated rates of change or discontinuous capability improvements” (Manyika, 2013). Yes, it absolutely does. Ms. Holmes “has taken on the $76 billion laboratory-diagnostic industry as her target. It’s an industry that was just waiting to be disrupted, since blood testing has not changed since the modern clinical lab emerged in the 1960s” (Crane, 2014). Furthermore, she’s not done yet. “Our mission is to make actionable information accessible to everyone at the time it matters. By making actionable information accessible to everyone in the world at the time it matters most, we are working to facilitate the early detection and prevention of disease, and empower people everywhere to live their best possible lives” (Theranos, 2015).   In order to accomplish this, she wants to have this technology within five miles of any American. They have teamed up with Walgreens and are building Theranos Wellness Centers within their stores.... read more

Banana Republic – the brand I hate to love

I’ve been a Gap, Inc. girl for as long as I can remember. As an adult, I quickly found my home with @BananaRepublic. But while I love Banana Republic, I almost hate them at the same time. Before I go into why I have this love-hate relationship, I first want to say that I think @Marissa_Webb_ has done a great job changing things up at the brand. I’m looking forward to the new lines and stopping by the stores more often since she took over; kudos. Ok back to business. I’m a Banana Republic Luxe card holder (think frequent flier but for shopping) and a Banana Republic Insider (think focus group). I shop at BR and the other Gap Inc. brands at least once a month. These are the BR emails I’ve gotten in the last two weeks, I don’t even open them anymore: You’ll notice on several days I received two emails. I don’t feel like a loyal customer, but a prospective click. In addition to the emails, they also offer surveys after your purchase and have a mobile application with rewards. Last year, I received a BR Visa card in the mail after I thought I had opted out each time it was presented. Just this week, I logged into my account and it asked me to activate it again :(. When I reached out to the card company via phone and asked them to cancel it, they could not. When I reached out via Twitter, I was redirected back to the 800 number on the card. Thanks  https://twitter.com/jake_roberson/status/610876563236757504 This is a classic example of working in silos…... read more

CVS | Back to SEO Basics

  Sometimes you have to start at the basics. I did a little SEO audit with CVS. First did a little digging on what the news was covering as it relates to CVS. Here’s a recent headline: “CVS to buy 1,600 drugstores from Target” (Thomas, Bray, Tabuchi, 2015). The article goes on to mention pharmacy. Based on that research, I picked the following three words to search on desktop and mobile: Pharmacy Print Photos Drugstore I was quite surprised and slightly disappointed in the results. “Drugstore” is bought out almost exclusively by drugstore.com. It was more than three quarters of the way down the page before you see CVS and it was tied to “photo”. On mobile, CVS didn’t even show up. When searching “pharmacy,” CVS fared somewhat better, particularly on mobile, where they featured their online site. From a desktop perspective, it ironically brought up CVS photo. With the rise of mobile, one might say CVS is wise to focus their efforts there. If you look at the graph below, one word search is hugely competitive but two word search, e.g “photo print”, isn’t. There might be some ways that CVS could improve SEO by leveraging alternate search terms. Finally, CVS should be focused on words that drive profit, and the only way to know that is by leveraging the data. Retrieved from http://www.keywebmetrics.com/2010/07/top-5-amazing-web-analytics-and-seo-infographics/ What words would you have searched?   Thomas, K., Bray, C. Tabuchi, H. (2015, June 15). CVS to buy 1,600 Drugstores from Target for $1.9 billion. The New York Times. Retrieved from... read more